Wake Up Your Leadership

Want to wake up to a new way of leading and living? 


Where to Begin

Would you like less stress, more calm, and greater peace while being effective in your work and life? Who wouldn't, right? You've come to the right place. Daphne supports leaders and their teams to create greater connection, deeper conversations, and a new way of getting work done in the world for ultimate success. See our list of offerings below. It's time to wake up your leadership and your life.

Read The Book

A great place to start is with the book, Waking Up a Leader: Five Relationships of Success. It is full of practices for starting to train your attention and includes practical tips every mindful leader needs to have onboard to keep it all together. 


Take the Course

If you're wanting to dig into the nitty gritty of leadership, check our 10-week online course, Waking Up A Leader. It breaks down, module-by-module, what every great leader needs to know.


Bring In Your Team

In a customized training with Daphne, you'll shift from your own powerful work as an individual leader towards the transformational work as a team. Daphne will design the session based on your needs and desires to wake up to new levels of success. 


Get Personalized Coaching

If you want to go deeper and continue to equip yourself to lead at a higher level, try individual coaching. Beyond looking at the transactional parts of leading, coaching brings you further into your own transformational process with Daphne as your guide. 


What Are People Saying?

"Daphne knows her stuff when it comes to leadership. She is real and empathetic. When you work with her, you can’t get enough, I know I can’t! Her approach is direct, engaging and more times than not, funny. She truly makes learning fun! The responses from our leadership team has been overwhelmingly positive, you won't regret any second listening to what she has to say and then, applying it. She is helping transform our managers into leaders and coaches. "

E. Barron
Executive Vice President, Talent and Development, Centro

"As the Chief Culture Officer at Confluent Health, Daphne Scott walks her talk and her methods will support you to see beyond your story, and how to flourish in your business and your life. "

Dr. L. Benz
CEO, Confluent Health

"Daphne's 'all in' commitment combined with her ever present vulnerability inspired us to take action in areas where we were being mediocre due to everyday dysfunctional behavior. I would unhesitatingly say that our relationships at the senior management level have been transformed as a result of her time spent with us."

P. Melhado
President and CEO, ICD Group Ltd.

"Daphne has completely changed our culture, the way we interact, and the way we build our teams it is an organizational accomplishment that brings me enormous pride. "

R. Rubin
Vice Chairman and Chief Culture Officer, Colony Group

"Daphne's coaching in group and individual settings has had a great impact on my personal development, relationships and interactions in so many ways over the past two years.I recommend Daphne's work as a Leadership Coach or Corporate Facilitator very highly."

K. VanDinter
Manager Inpatient Rehab Services, Virginia Mason Medical Center

"Daphne is wonderfully insightful when it comes to business acumen and the connection to our own consciousness. Her book is life-changing."

B. Finley
CEO, Physical Therapy Central

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