Waking Up Leaders to a Mindful Way of Leading. It's All We Do.

Who is DS Leadership Life?

We are a group of individuals devoted to awakening the best in leaders and organizations to see reality clearly and to contribute to something greater than themselves. 

What We Do

We transform the lives of people who want to find the true integration among their work, their relationships, and themselves. We don't believe in work-life balance. We believe in integration and wholeness.  

How We Do It

We support individuals, teams, and organizations in their transformation through individual coaching, team trainings, and culture integrations. This happens through a magical process of scale, reproducibility, and each individual owning the process. So much so that you eventually don't need us. 


Daphne has been working with organizations since she had her first official job at the ripe old age of 15. She has had great bosses and horrible ones. One day, she herself became a boss. Sometimes she was great and sometimes she was horrible. She listened. She learned. Eventually, it all started making some sense. Now, she supports other leaders and organizations to take their work and their life to the next level. It isn't all hard work, but it is work. 


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