Life as a manager and a leader not going as planned?

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Are you spending so much time managing things at work that you have no energy left for your family and friends?

You're not alone....

It could be that you're a few years in and the newness and the adrenaline has worn off.  Reality has also hit – you thought you knew what you were doing as a manager but your team isn’t hitting their numbers.  And they're not even a dysfunctional team!

What’s the deal?

Or you’re not sure when or how, but it has all stopped working.  You’re overwhelmed -- you can’t be all things to all people.

You even used to love coming in to work but now you dread the uphill battle you face everyday.  And you can’t keep explaining away these mediocre results.

Nor can you keep giving your family your leftovers (i.e. the totally drained and exhausted version of yourself).

You know you need to do something, but you’re not sure what, or even where to start.  

Something’s gotta give.  

It’s time to make a change.

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But what if you could make it all work again?

What if you could make it all work again?

What if you no longer had to waste so much time micromanaging your team and instead could spend more time developing your people into the leaders you know they could be?

What if you liked going to work again?

And what if in the course of making it all work at the office, you realized that you suddenly were also making it all work at home?

That you had more time and energy because your team stopped needing you so much.

Now You Can Through Waking Up a Leader


What People Are Saying About Waking Up A Leader

“It seemed so improbable that I could gain so much from this course.  WOW.” -Amy S.

“This course provides the basic foundation for a leader: know oneself and manage self before one can manage others.”  -Mike M.

“After working with Daphne, my husband told me that he feels that he got his wife back.”  -Kim M.

“Daphne Scott is a great instructor. She provides a fun, learning and supportive environment – a great leader!”  -Daniel B.

Here's What You'll Learn

The Waking Up a Leader module topics include:

    • Module 1: Magically Learn How to Lead a Group of People
      It’s often assumed that you just magically know how to lead a group of people, despite never having done so before. This module begins the process of teaching those "learnable" skills. 
    • Module 2: Values, Purpose, and Everything In Between
      This module begins a key step in learning to manage others. We first must learn to manage ourselves. Also, a key aspect of loving our work is finding our meaning and purpose in it as well. 
    • Module 3: Self-Awareness and The Personality: A Fish In Water
      In the upcoming lessons in this module we will explore our own personality. We will begin to understand how we can easily fall into repeat patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. 
    • Module 4: Leading With Our Strengths
      "Everybody is a genius. But if you’re a fish always trying to climb a tree,
       you’ll live your whole life being exhausted. And you won’t have any fun either.”
      Module 5: Get Less Done With Less Stress
      This module is where we let go of the idea that we can manage time, and instead begin to take responsibility for how we are managing everything else - especially our energy and tasks. 
    • Module 6: It's Time to Delegate 
      We are finally going to learn that we can't do it alone! However, we also need to learn  how to make that as easy as possible; effective delegation is key. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!
    • Module 7: Setting Goals That Everyone Will Want to Pursue
      As a leader, knowing what the team needs to achieve and which goals to strive for is important. And translating those bigger goals to each member of the team is even more critical. 
    • Module 8:  Flourishing In Your Career and Supporting Theirs 
      In this module, we learn what it means to continue to develop our career and how to support our team to do the same. We will grow as much as we are willing to support the growth of others. 
    • Module 9: Emotional Wisdom and Creating Positive Relationships 
      In this module, we explore how to create positive relationships and how to maintain them during the vicissitudes of life. How we relate to our inner life matters just as much as relating to others. 
    • Module 10: The Blessing and Mastery of Feedback
      In this module we learn and practice one of the most critical skills for leaders: giving and receiving feedback. This is the key for growing and flourishing in our roles. 


The 10-week program also includes:

    • workbook with action steps and quizzes
    • entrance to the Waking Up A Leader online community of leaders
    • modules based on project and task management skills as well as the transformational skills needed by all exceptional leaders

You can expect this course to impact your team across the spectrum -- you can’t show up one way in the boardroom and a different way in the living room. We are everywhere.

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But wait....this course isn't for everyone

It is designed for leaders who:

  • are committed to applying the practices and principles
  • are interested in developing mindfulness
  • have direct reports
  • make decisions regarding budgets
  • make hiring and firing decisions
  • want high-level transformational coaching
  • are ready for deep transformation in their work and life
  • are committed to investing time and money in themselves


It is not suited for leaders who:

  • are not willing to devote weekly time to the course
  • are not willing to invest in personal growth
  • struggle with technology
  • prefer working alone rather than engaging in a community of leaders
  • are looking for a magic bullet

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