Struggling to get your team on track?

Bring your team to Dr. Daphne Scott, leadership development expert and integration master, for an overhaul of team dynamics and a jumpstart of personal responsibility.


Your team needs help. And you need a solution.

You're afraid you've taken them as far as you can, and they're still not performing how you know they could. But this isn't a performance problem -- it's a cohesion problem.

In meeting after meeting, your team throws out ideas, trying to get to the bottom of the issue. And even though everyone is sincere in their work, they're still not meeting expectations.

They feel frustrated because no one is hitting their marks.   Gossip is starting to take over.  You're spending most of your time managing all of the stress of everyone else.  Pessimism is creeping in and collaboration is eroding.  

Everyone is doing a lot of blaming, complaining, judging, and criticizing, but no one seems to want to take responsibility.  

The words that swirl through your mind as you drive home are chaos, dysfunction, meltdown, burnout.  

And yet, you know that everyone really wants to do well.  That they really do want to succeed.

What should you do?  What can you do?

It's time to bring in the pro.

Your job as a manager is to support your team in succeeding. Bringing them to Daphne is the next step in that process.

Daphne will teach them how to talk about their frustration, and how to do it in a way that clears the air rather than leaving behind a residue of blame and resentment.  

They will learn how to communicate from a place of responsibility rather than blame, and how to focus on the solutions rather than the problems that everyone faces.

And most importantly, they will learn how to have conversations that support each other, so that they next time they are facing change and uncertainty, they can tackle it together, as a team.  

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